Friday, September 01, 2006

Does the Taliban have telephone?

What's wrong with Jack Layton? Has he gone mad?

Canada should withdraw its troops from the current mission in southern Afghanistan and invite Taliban fighters to peace talks, NDP Leader Jack Layton said yesterday.

"We believe that a comprehensive peace process has to bring all combatants to the table. You don't accomplish peace if those who are fighting are not involved in the peace-based discussion," he said.
Finally Layton got it right, for once: killing time is over, it's time for a solution.

Sure, we can stay in Afghanistan until the last Taliban is killed (or we run out of troops, whatever comes first). But that time is not going to come soon.

And the so-called "nation building" while still under attack is pure propaganda talk. Nobody in military circles will advice you to start nation-building (building schools, etc.) while troops and civilian are still daily under attack.

In short, we are now at stage we need to do something; and that's CHANGING TACTICS.

The "fun" is over; negotiate, and normalize the situation. It's about time.

I've never voted NDP in my life, but this unexpected quantum leap is about to change my mind! Jack, Bravo!

NB Does the Taliban have telephone?

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