Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bush can not be trusted.

"Bush administration claims justifying the war against Iraq were based on fragmented, conflicting, and at times unreliable intelligence, according to two reports released today by the Senate Intelligence Committee." (Bloomberg)

What it means:
It means we can't trust Bush's government. This U.S. "cherry picking" presented misleading evidence. It's time for the Canadian government to let the U.S. government know we do not agree with these malpractises, and therefore we will not support these malpractises.

Going to war is a serious undertaking.

We owe our troops to be at war for the right reasons. This (criminal?) fabrication of facts and so-called evidence should not be awarded with military help from Canada any longer; any future military undertaking led by the U.S. should be turned down.

It's time for the world to wake up. And for Canada even more.

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