Saturday, August 26, 2006

Are ALL Conservatives Hypocrites?

Yes, the Conservatives "caught" the MSM photoshopping images. Although nothing new, I thought it was a fair remark, until they were caught doing it themselves.

Then there is Jason Kenney. He's the Conservative who accuses opposition MPs from talking to groups similar to Nazi's, while later on, doing it himself.

Are all Conservatives hypocrites? Why are "the good Conservatives" not standing up and saying; this cannot be, Jason has to resign." Why is the photoshopped image still on their website?

PS1: I emailed the following message to the "contact us" address:
"I would like to respond to the homepage. The image of Kennedy that has been used for days now has been photoshopped. By leaving the beer bottles and Kennedy in focus, while leaving the rest out of focus, you make Kennedy look like some kind of alcoholic. I don't think anyone is served by this representation, or is there? "

PS2: Other Conservatives already have a contest going.

PS3; What's with this post?; did Harper "encouraged Hezbollah to come to the negotiating table?" Isn't Harper supposed to oppose any contact with a terrorist organisation?


leftdog said...

The reason that other Conservatives are NOT standing up and denoucing Kenney's behaviour and the photoshop dishonesty on their official party website is because they would be SHOUTED DOWN by the extremists in their own party.

This old Canadian party has been taken over by boorish, war hungry, extreme freemarketers. This is not the Consevative Party, we have in Canada, the Reform Party in power.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question... Yep, pretty much are all hyprocrites.

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