Wednesday, August 30, 2006

AIDS - Clinton and Gates care, Harper does not.

What's wrong with Stephen Harper?

Bill Clinton can do it. Bill Gates can do it. Bush can't do it, and neither can Harper.

Both Clinton and Gates have shown to feel compasionate about fighting the AIDS pandemic. The New York Times has a great article great article on Clinton, showing a caring Clinton, a stark contrast with Bush and "Steve" Harper.

“George Bush has actually delivered more resources, but Clinton is ten times more popular in Africa,” said Princeton Lyman, who was American ambassador to South Africa under Mr. Clinton. “That’s because, just like he does everywhere, he portrays that sense that he cares.”

Harper obviously does not present that sense, hence the "missing in action" on the International AIDS conference:

"We are dismayed that the prime minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper, is not here this evening," Wainberg said Sunday.

"The role of prime minister includes the responsibility to show leadership on the world stage. Your absence sends the message that you do not consider HIV/AIDS as a critical priority, and clearly all of us here disagree with you," he said.

Many in the audience stood up to cheer.

While Harper declined to attend the event, Health Minister Tony Clement was present to deliver a speech. But as he addressed the crowd, a group near the stage stood up and chanted "Where is Harper?"

The whole world knows there's something really wrong with George Bush. But what's wrong with Stephen Harper?

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