Friday, April 14, 2006

The Seal Hunt - Bad for Seals and Businesses

That the seal-hunt can also hurt business is shown in this letter to The Start:

Why should sealers be allowed to earn a few extra dollars while small local businesses take it in the pocketbook because of tourism boycotts all year long? It doesn't seem fair.

Read the whole story here: - Bad for seals and businesses, too


conscientious canadian said...

Please see for posters you can use in your own activism for the seals!
Thanks for standing up for the seals!

Shelley said...

I live in Newfoundland and I’m really not seeing local tourism destroyed because of the seal hunt. Last year my summer job was setting up on Signal hill and presenting to tourists on whales and Newfoundland marine wild life. I met people from all over the world and only one person even mentioned the seal hunt.

One of my friends is taking me on to work at their family run bed and breakfast because they need more staff to deal with the number of visitors. And it isn’t even the summer rush yet. I don’t know what the woman in the article was complaining about, no one I know of working in the tourism industry is having troubles. I’m sure the seal hunt is keeping a handful of people away, but were these individuals interested in visiting Atlantic Canada in the first place? There is more to Newfoundland then sealing and people who do decide to visit here realize that.

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