Sunday, April 30, 2006

US government's nuclear scare

The US Government's concern with Iran worries me. No, not Iran, the US Government worries me. Iran's nuclear program was already established in the 1970s. So why all the fuss now?

Well, you'll have to understand the equation first.
The US has nuclear weapons.
- WHAT? The US has these dangerous weapons?
Yes, they do. They've had them for years, and although they signed a treaty to get rid of these arms (Non-Proliferation Treaty), they are still there; and no sign of exposing them now. Even worse, the US threatens other countries that they will use these nuclear weapons against them. This makes many people very concerned.

Many scientists believe that Iran is years (if not decades) away from developing nuclear weapons. At least in the short term nobody has to worry about Iran. But the US is a different case. They have them, have used them before, and have recently threatened to use them again.

The world should be very concerned; many think the US is the main threat to world peace. The "long and lost war" in Iraq and the current Iran-US conflict both shows how just how real that threat is.

Read also Haroon Siddiqui's column in the Toronto Star for a good analysis of what's playing, and a warning for all Canadians: - We should not play Bush game of chicken on Iran

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