Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thank you, Mr. Glentworth!

Jackie Miller: "Armchair navigation is never helpful in these types of situations,..."

What's wrong with Jackie Miller?

Investigation into this accident need an open view. ALL speculations can be helpful, especially those from Mr. Glentworth, who after sailing for 30 years in the same northern waters, retired from BC Ferries last September.

BC Ferries is eager to give their own version of the event when it suits them but does not want to answer some simple legitimate questions. Do you think the media will keep quiet with an event of this magnitude? They want to cover the story, everybody wants to know what went wrong. And I believe everybody deserves to hear what went wrong, especially those 99 passengers that were on the ferry that night. The longer basic information is kept hidden from the general public, the more speculations will appear.

The most important thing is that we get to the bottom of this debacle. What happened? Was it a human error? Mechanical error? Or something else? How else can we trust BC Ferries again?

I think we should feel fortunite with the possible explanations by Mr. Glentworth; he is one of the first ones who has given insight on what could have happened. It adds to the public debate, essential for a well-functioning democracy. Jackie Miller should be thankful. - CP National News

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