Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Free Trade Fantasies: Softwood Lumber

From CBC Website:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday he is "disappointed" with the decision of the United States to impose 10 per cent duties on some imports of Canadian softwood lumber.

The duty will go on lumber from Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

An international tribunal in February found that found Canada failed to properly calculate quotas on softwood lumber exports over the first half of 2007. The tribunal ordered Canada to remedy the breach by March 28.

Trade Minister Stockwell Day has offered a payment of $36.7 million US, but the Office of the United States Trade Representative claims it is owed $54.8 million US from the four provinces. (more)

- CBC: Harper is "disappointed"
- Wikipedia: Isn't "free trade" that includes quotas, tarrifs and duties called "protectionism"?

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