Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sony sued over DRM

It didn't take long: Sony has been sued for it's malicious DRM software (rootkit) that automatically installs (without telling you!) on your computer raising privacy concerns and inviting virus attacks.

Fortunately there is a list of Sony Cds to boycott: CD List with Sony DRM. Another list can be found here: US List of Sony DRM CDs.

You still want to listen to these CDs? Well, most people I know will forget about buying these new Sony CDs all together and download them for free online since most songs can still be found that way.

It's probably the best lesson we can teach Big Music: more restrictions on CDs will slow down sales even further; exactly the opposite effect they were hoping for.

Obviously Sony has not been thinking this through at all which defines the current attitudes of the struggling industry that does not know how to innovate on terms of the 21st century.

See also wiki for more information on Sony DRM and how to see if it is (already) installed on your computer.

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