Saturday, November 26, 2005

Neocons floated idea of bombing AlJazeera before

Eric Schmeltzer's googling resulted in an interesting discovery that the neocons floated the idea of bombing AlJazeera before. Although this probably doesn't surprise anybody, it's good to get these facts in black and white. Frank Gaffney Jr, wrote for Fox News:

Under present wartime circumstances, though, the United States has the ability -- and, indeed, an urgent responsibility -- to take more comprehensive action against Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. Unless the two networks adjust their behavior so as no longer to act as the propaganda arm of our enemies, they should be taken off the air, one way or another.
Indeed, for the US Pentagon it's fine to spout US propaganda towards Iraqis, but if other engage in this game, Neocons want them to be taken out, "one way or another".

Neocons hate AlJazeera (and therefore free speech; nothing new, really) and the use of force (read power) to shut it down comes easily to their minds.

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