Tuesday, November 03, 2009

TN! of the week: Officer Todd Lappegaard of the Minneapolis Police Department (video)

Have a look at the following video. It's self-explanatory, and a lot of "fun" :)


Todd Lappegaard, you are the Taser Nazi of the Week.


H/T Excited Delirium

- Star Tribune, Minneapolis: Todd Lappegaard exposed


John said...
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Eric said...

John said:

"Have you ever considered that Mr. Ruiz might have a long criminal record with a penchant for physical violence during arrests?"

Sorry, but I have a hard time following you; are you working for the police by any chance?

The video clearly shows that there was no need to taser anyone. Whatever happened before can explain the behaviour of the officer, but never justify it.

Mr. Ruiz could well be the biggest asshole in town, but he had surrendered and his hands on the hood.

Indeed, we can not know what happened before (or after), what other abuses might have transpired up to that moment, but you conveniently left out the idea that other abuses by Lappegaard could have taken place as well.

And in my opinion the taser should NEVER be used for causing damage alone.

It sounds to me that you are trying to swap public opinion by controlling what "facts" you like to address. I'm therefore addressing only part of your message.

Don't bother showing up with more of that junk; I recommend you start your own blog.


Jim said...

So Todd will be reprimanded and allowed to return to the force? I'm guessing that since this isn't the first time he's abused his privileges as a officer of the law, it won't be the last we hear of him. Hopefully, Dolan will remove him permanently from the force.

Excited-Delirium.com said...

Next nomination!! See the Excited-Delirium.com blog. Look for post regarding the 10-year-old little girl in Ozark being tasered.

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