Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aljazeera explains why Israel committed war crimes, on Livestation

The English broadcast of Aljazeera (and many other channels, including BBC News, France24) can be easily viewed through the Livestation player (free - Windows, Mac, Linux). Get the full story on the Israel-Gaza war, and learn why many believe that the Israelis have committed war crimes.
Amnesty International has said it is "undeniable" that Israel used white phosphorus in crowded civilian areas, contrary to international law, charging that this amounted to a war crime.

Accusing Israel of using excessive force, Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, has demanded that those responsible for bombing UN buildings in the Palestinian territory be made accountable.

UN schools and the main aid headquarters where tonnes of food was stocked were bombed.

Eight Israeli human rights groups have called on the Israeli government to investigate the scale of the casualties, describing the number of dead women and children as "terrifying".
- Livestation
- Aljazeera: Israel to shield Gaza war soldiers

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