Monday, September 29, 2008

Alan Greenspan's email address and why Republicans bailed out on the bail out


Members of Congress have been dealing with two powerful conflicting forces over the last week.

The first was remorseless pressure from the White House - the argument that the country faced a crisis so profound that unless they approved the government's plans, American capitalism would grind to a halt as funds flowing between the banks began to dry up.

But the second pressure which is much harder to measure came from ordinary voters writing or emailing their own members of Congress angrily demanding that they reject a scheme which is universally perceived here as a bail-out of Wall Street bankers.

They are perceived as greedy, incompetent fat cats who have created this crisis themselves and who are now being allowed to pick the pockets of American voters to fix it.

Direct democracy at work, ain't it great?

BTW does anyone have the email address of Alan Greenspan, the architect of this mess?

- BBC: emailing works
- Aljazeera: Greenspan's crime of market deregulation

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