Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Harper Certainly Is Ordinary; My Blahg

My Blahg, by Robert McClelland

So Stephen Taylor is once again pushing the Harper is just an ordinary guy shtick. Well, here are some synomyms and words related to ordinary.


I fail to see why this has ruffled the feathers of some of the Libloggers. Harper is nothing if not ordinary.

What should be of greater concern is the rush to sell Canadians on the idea that ordinary is now the best they can hope to expect from their leaders.

Frankly I don’t want the leaders of my nation to be ordinary. Tommy Douglas wasn’t ordinary, he was a man of great vision. Pierre Trudeau wasn’t ordinary, he was a man who saw a better Canada and worked to make it a reality. Had these leaders and others like them settled for nothing more than ordinary, Canada wouldn’t be the great nation it is today.

So if Harper wants to be an ordinary guy then he should do us all a favour and get an ordinary job. Because Canadians deserve a person who aspires to more than mediocrity as their Prime Minister.


- My Blahg: Harper Certainly Is Ordinary
- ordinary:
  1. Commonly encountered; usual. See synonyms at common.
    1. Of no exceptional ability, degree, or quality; average.
    2. Of inferior quality; second-rate.
  2. Having immediate rather than delegated jurisdiction, as a judge.
  3. Mathematics. Designating a differential equation containing no more than one independent variable.

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