Saturday, February 03, 2007

Exxon's "hidden" product placement; in PM Harper's speech.

Wondering where it was "hidden" yesterday? Well, when Harper was talking about how to curb greenhouse gas emissions, this is what he had to say:

"I don't think realistically we can tell Canadians stop driving your car, stop going to work, turn the heat off in the winter; these are not realistic solutions."
Yes, less driving is, according to our prime minister Stephen Harper, not realistic. Given the booming economy, Canadians should probably be driving more, realistically speaking of course.

Wonder why PM Stephen Harper supports driving more?

Exxon Mobile supports Conservatives, so Conservatives support Exxon; it's THAT simple. So where does the environment fit in? Well, it doesn't. Don't expect the Conservatives to move on the environment any faster. After almost a year of so-called "governing", the first environmentally friendly move from the CPOC still has to be made; let's call it "getting things done" liberal style.

So is PM Harper corrupt? Legally maybe hard to prove - but morally? Without a doubt.

- Toronto Star


JimBobby said...

Whooee! A couplafew weeks ago, Harpoon come out with the thing 'bout Canajuns can't be expected to heat their homes 1/3 less. But jest after that, the Cons re-started the home insulation program that is aimed at reducing home heatin's use o' fossil fuels by 30%.

If we drive fuel-efficient vehicles, carpool, ride publick transit an' walk more often fer short errands, we can reduce the fossil fuels we consume on transportation.

Harper's tryin' t' frame the question in green action vs. the Canajun way o' life. If we don't take green action, we ain't gonna have a way of life an' it ain't a case o' stoppin' workin' t' save ol' Mother Earth. Any numbnuts oughta know we gotta work harder at comin' up with green-collar jobs.

Harpoon's gotta start thinkin' outside big oil's box. It ain't a case o' doin' less. It's a case o' doin' more usin' less fossil fuel t' do it.


leftdog said...

Right wing 'thinkers' are always so dull - unimaginative - uncreative. Not a brain cell is capable at looking at anything but the status quo. "Gotta keep drivin', don't we?"

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