Wednesday, January 10, 2007

PMS is going green, Chrysler isn't, Exxon never will be

The CBC "doesn't get it";
(see picture)

PMS Harper going green

Harper is trying really hard to look green.
(see picture)

PMS Steve Harper

But Chrysler is still in full denial.

Chrysler's chief economist Van Jolissaint has launched a fierce attack on "quasi-hysterical Europeans" and their "Chicken Little" attitudes to global warming.

I also ran into this site about Exxon Secrets and how the oil industry continuously buys supports for the "global warming does not cause climate change", similar to the "tobacco does not cause cancer" message.

More on
Chrysler: BBC News
Exxon: Exxon Secrets


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yer on the money a hunnert percents worth, ErikFeller. I posted me up a boog story yesterday 'bout how environmentalism begins at home an' idlin' V8's fer 3 hours ain't green, sez I.

Green is as green does.

Yores trooly,

zoom! said...

The Harper tree-hugging comic is hilarious!

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