Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogging Tories completely ignore a lying MacKay

One of my favourite places to hangout? It's the Blogging Tories Website! Whenever there's an issue of significance, our lying and not apologizing Foreign Affairs Minister MacKay sure is, then the Blogging Tories are the place to visit to get a good perspective.

You would think.

Well, look for yourself, it aint happenin' there.

It's sad to see that not a single blogging tory has the ability to understand the magnitude of the lying (this country can not have a lying Foreign Minister); and not one tory is addressing and discussing the possible outcome of MacKay's lying seriously with their peers.

What a narrow minded bunch of ignorant people!

You start wondering why they blog in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Are you seriously saying the Peter MacKay is lying because the Liberal Party says so?

What about the burden of proof?

Does an unclear recording where we can't be sure not only what was said, but who said it, constitute proof?

Do supposed affidavits from a political party constitute absolute proof? after all we don't know what was said in them.

When there's proof then I'll call him a liar, and call for him to apologize. In the mean time, I'll going with the statement that he made and the speaker's response to the allegations.

FurGaia said...

There might be a silver lining to that. It might mean that they are totally ashamed of the guy and don't want to have anything to do with him.
Then again, who am I kidding? I would bet they are waiting for Harper's cue.

Aaron unruh said...

"...and not one tory..."

Look closer, doofus.

Matt said...

I know Peter is lying, I just don't give a shit about the story.

Erik Abbink said...

First of all, I'm not a liberal.
But the Liberal website did provide me with part of the proof.

The audio is clear enough to know what's going on: someone clearly made the slur, and people who where there have heard and see him making the comment.

I'm calling him a liar because I'm sure he is one. I don't think any normal reasoning person (I guess that excludes some Tories) would need any more "proof"; a multitude of people have witnessed the slur being made. The audio tape backs up their version of the event.

It's the ignorance of the Tories that's so appalling. Everyone can put the two (tape + witnesses) together, except a tory.

Christian Conservative said...

Amm, you must have checked the site AFTER a bunch of our posts got replaced, because when I posted my comments on the issue, there was about 6 or 7 other posts about the issue.

And, for the record, I said, and I quote: "If it was MacKay, then he's put himself in deeper by denying it today in the House."

I also proposed an outline for his, should it be necessary, apology: "Mr. Speaker, I rise in the House today to offer my apology to my Honourable colleague in the Opposition. In the heat of the debate last week, I thought I was being clever with my quick comeback to the taunts of the Members opposite. Upon reflection, I recognize that my comment was inappropriate, and for it I apologize. I also wish to apologize to all the Members of this House, whom I have mislead over these last few days. I was ashamed and embarrassed by my outburst, and hoped that this whole matter would simply blow over. I recognize that I was wrong on both of these issues, and I wish to make this matter right by rising today with my sincere, and unequivocal, apology. I am sorry."

Just pointing that out, to make sure that you don't end up lying yourself. ;-)

Erik Abbink said...

Thanks for the info, Christian Conservative.

You are right, I didn't see your message when I was looking through Blogging Tories.

And a message like yours was exactly what I was looking for, so, hat tip to you!

See: Puppy-Gate

Anonymous said...

Just one update Erik,

As of Thursday the supposed 8 Affidavits weren't submitted to the Speaker

McGuinty said the Liberals could submit the affidavits to the Speaker and the Commons procedures and House affairs committees for action

McGuinty only threatened to submit them. I guess they're not ready to submit them yet. Why not, MacKay continues to deny.

Submitting them means that they'll have to testify under oath instead of the court of public opinion.

I have not yet read any news to the contrary.

So much for your proof. The defense rests

Erik Abbink said...

Interestingly enough the same paper (Toronto Sun) doesn't seem to need anymore proof either. In their paper 's editorial you could have read the following:

To Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay: Get over yourself. This isn't high school. Comparing your former girlfriend to a dog because she dumped you may be forgivable coming from the captain of the football team. It's not from a cabinet minister.

Apologize. And stop spouting non-denial denials -- that your insult wasn't recorded in Hansard or that you never called Belinda Stronach a dog. Nobody said you called her a dog as in "Belinda's a dog." They said you implied it in response to heckling.

Read it here:

PS the fact that the affidavits haven't been submitted doesn't "proof" anything.

Erik Abbink said...

It's the ignorance of the Tories that's so appalling. Everyone can put the two (tape + witnesses) together, except a tory.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that makes an envelope full of cash going into liberal coffers look great! You must be so proud..

Erik Abbink said...

Biggie Rection; we're discussing a lying MacKay. Stick to the subject, please.

For what it's worth, I'm not proud of "an envelope full of cash going into liberal coffers look[ing] great!", nor did I say otherwise.

Scott Hobbs said...

Its not as if he were lying so who cares?

Erik Abbink said...

We all should care. The guy is a whiner and a loser. Doesn't the CPoC have anyone better?

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