Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fighting for Change in the US

One of the biggest problems in the US is its outdated and overly corrupted political system. But how can it be that politicians get away with lies and deceptions? Well, a lot has to do with the mainstream media; they make a lot of money, but are often way too soft on injustice in society; it just isn't their main priority. Up until now this has kept many (including me) confused of what to think about the US, and in particular about their politics.

For a long time it has seemed strange to me that such a huge country has only two political parties, while my motherland (Netherlands, 16 million people) has so many. Most importantly, all Western countries have a significant Labour party. But why does such a party not exsist in the US? Are Americans that different from us?

Too much power seems to be in the hands of politicians sponsored by big corporations. The allowance for campaign contributions is (still) a legal form of corporatocracy. Many corporations contribute even to both parties, Democrat and Republican. When will Americans see the necessity of stopping this form of bribery? If these companies find it so valuable to sponsor politicians, why not tax them more?

Jonathan RintelsOf course this is not going to happen soon. But Jonathan Rintels suggests his own way to change; an open media. Blogging and podcasting are important forms of open medias. Together we will have to fight to get and keep this media open, but sofar it's all we've got.

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