Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bush is not the disease; only the symptom

An interesting view on American Democracy by Frances Moore Lappe can be found on the Huffington Post today.

In short Moore Lappe explains that Bush is not the problem; the American version of democracy is. With wise words she concludes that everyone needs to create a living democracy:

As the deadly consequences of thin democracy –- a disastrous war, torture in our name, the post-Katrina debacle, and daily disclosures of cronyism and corruption fill us with shame, let’s dig to the root of our pain. Exposing Bush’s ineptitude and deception isn’t enough. It’s time to reframe the very meaning of democracy and get on with creating a real one.
Read the complete post: Bush Isn'’t the Problem: The Weakness of our Thin Democracy

See also Ira Chernus' article (July 2003) on Bush's Lies being the symptom

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