Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Police Chief Sues Taser Over Injuries Suffered During Training

Even with the Canadian Police Research Centre reporting that there is no "causal" link between taser and death, the fight over the use of the Taser is far from over:

"Stun gun manufacturer Taser is facing another lawsuit over the safety of its product. This time the lawsuit has been filed by a police chief in Hallsville, Missouri. Jacob Herring has sued the company claiming that he was severely injured after being shocked with a Taser weapon during training. Herring says he suffered at least two strokes, loss and impairment of his vision and hearing, neurological damage, a head injury and "significant cardiac damage" after being shocked by a Taser M26 during a class last year. Taser has now been sued 14 times since 2003 by officers who say they were injured in training." (Democracy Now)

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