Sunday, January 02, 2005

CBC: Promos

Don't get me wrong: CBC is probably the best general broadcaster available to Canadians. But there is lots that bothers me.

Promos for example. Right at the end of an advertising block I get quickly ready to continue to watch my favourite program... wait, first another promo. And then, oh, wait a bit more, a few more commercials first.

When the commercials are totally over; another promo. This time a promo for a "rerun" I already watched earlier this week: what an excellent way of spending time in front of the TV. Thank you, Robert Rabinovitch - good show!

And why do these promos look like commercials? Over the years I've learned not to trust commercials: companies will tell you whatever "you want to hear", as long as you buy their products. With these promos looking so similar, I start to question the intentions of the CBC: are they trying to sell us something?

Just get rid of these silly promos and use that extra time to make better programs: considering all the time that is waisted on commercials and promos there is hardly any time left for making a good TV program. After the budget cuts of the mid-nineties, to some the CBC might seem to have stabilized, but when is improvement going to be the new standard?

Quality, quality, quality - please stay at it.

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